About me

Andrew Hoeveler
is a freelance motion designer and artist based in Seattle. After graduating Northwestern University with a degree in Radio/TV/Film and winning a Student Emmy Award in Animation, Andrew moved to Los Angeles in 1997. He formed ritual.tv soon after and began working with a variety of national and international design firms and ad agencies. 
While living in Los Angeles, he continued working as a freelance motion graphics and visual effects designer while exploring the lively downtown fine art culture and electronic music scene. He performed as a DJ and performed live visuals for several electronic music acts, merging his professional work in animation and design with his excitement for live art.
After over fourteen years in the city of angels, Andrew moved to Seattle where he has expanded his work from motion design for linear media into motion design for interactive media and UI/UX design for software development, consulting for several different divisions within Microsoft. He draws inspiration from the memories of his childhood, playing amongst the trees and streams of New Hampshire, and is influenced by the dynamic forces at work in nature, time, and light, as well as the magical art of illusion. He enjoys playing with the merger between technology and art, and is currently learning the game engine Unity to create virtual reality experiences and building a custom GPU render rig for the Octane render engine.
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